Hi. I invite you to help me with a project that I am starting. I left my contact information below.

I am developing a free online repository of illustrations and graphics that any hospital can print and use with children / patients. The goal of this project is to help children who must undergo medical treatments to overcome the anxiety that this situation can cause them. Designs can range from coloring illustrations to more advanced graphics that explain complex procedures to children.

I plan to develop this project in two stages, and I need help in both of them.


I am looking for professionals working in ​​education, child psychology, and especially people working in hospitals with children.

In this first stage I am interested in defining the following:

  • Characteristics and needs of children in a hospital situation.
  • Communication needs of hospitals, parents and other related organizations.
  • The kind of graphics that would be most effective in helping children. Considering styles, topics, contents, etc.


Once we develop a guideline of what kind of illustrations would be the most useful, I will share this with illustrators who are interested in making illustrations that follow these guides.

Always thinking that this content will be free and open for anyone who wants to use it.

Where does this idea comes from?

My son has to go to the hospital often. Sometimes he asks me to draw pictures for him to paint. Once I made a drawing of one of the machines in his room.

A nurse asked me if she could photocopy it before he painted it. A few weeks later she told me that she had passed it to other kids and they had liked it very much.

Many children are afraid of being treated in a hospital, and seeing it with other eyes helps them.

I made a couple more drawings and passed them on to be used as they wanted. I wanted to do more, but I am not an illustrator and it takes me a long time to work on this.

At first, it occurred to me that some illustrators could be interested in contributing and putting together a website where these illustrations can be downloaded for free for any hospital.

However, this idea grew after I shared it in a Facebook post, where I received a lot of positive feedback. Besides illustrators and designers, I was contacted by people working in healthcare with children. They shared good experiences they have had with illustrations and, in general, the lack of materials that explain complex issues to children.

Are you interested?

If you are interested in helping, especially in this first stage, you can contact me at matias@wirin.org.

Suggestions, comments, doubts, anything helps.